B. Braun Medical (HK) Ltd.

Contact details

B. Braun Medical (HK) Ltd. 
Unit Nos. 13-18, level 35, Tower 1,
Millennium City 1
No. 388 Kwun Tong Road
Kwun Tong
Hong Kong

Telephone: +852 2277 6100
Telefax: +852 2865 6095
E-mail: enquiry.hk@bbraun.com
Internet: https://www.bbraun.cn/zh_cn.html

General Manager

Agnes Ho

Vaccination supplies: Warning against fraud attempts with supposed B. Braun products

B. Braun would like to inform our customers that there are individuals in several countries attempting to abuse the coronavirus situation and distribute products necessary for coronavirus vaccination, such as syringes or needles, using counterfeit B. Braun business documents. Some of these documents have forged signatures of B. Braun employees.
To protect yourself against such fraud attempts and guarantee the delivery of genuine, safe and high-quality B. Braun products, please contact B. Braun through our official representatives and communications channels.

In Hong Kong, our official email for all enquiries is enquiry.hk@bbraun.com

Scam alert

B. Braun has been made aware that certain individuals are using our company name to sell fraudulent products. Please click here for more information. Do also check the notice on ADCC website.
For enquiries, please contact:

Marquez Hui
電子郵件:  marquez.hui@bbraun.com
電話: +852 2277 6119,  +852 6253 8033